Robust, integrated holiday campaign by John Lewis

John Lewis has just launched their holiday campaign for 2013 and it is CUTE.  The spot alonereportedly cost £7m, but the production is beautifully crafted and works well across different mediums. via @Adverblog

A few reasons why I love this:

  • Heartwarming STORY about two old (and adorable) pals
  • Beautiful imagery – OWNABLE characters, look and feel (especially since they have invested in merchandise and an entire Bear & Hare line)
  • INTEGRATION!!  Annotations in YT driving to the bear & hare Twitter page (they also each have their own Twitter handles… a bit much, perhaps) and another driving to a more robust Bear & Hare page on the JL website
  • IT’S ALIVE: The B & H page  gives people the opportunity to bring the story into their homes / lives / celebrating, with extensions to an iPad app, card maker, merch (cuddles with B & H!!!) and the Lily Allen track featured on the video

Why I’m curious

Given the popularity of the campaign thus far, I’m curious as to whether John Lewis will make its Bear & Hare characters an evergreen (for at least a few years) focus of their holiday campaigns, and beyond.  Also curious, to my point above, how long they will continue to maintain three separate Twitter handles for these characters, and what their overall social engagement levels will be.


Share your thoughts.

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