Recycling Food Waste with Instagram


People don’t recycle enough, especially when it comes to compost waste, which can actually fuel machinery. In this case, a banana peel can fuel a bus to travel 12 meters. In order to get people to remember to put their food waste into a green bag, this campaign challenges people to tag their instagram food shots with #grønnpose which stands for green bag. 

The Department enlisted the help of food art blogger Ida Frosk and her 155,000 Instagram followers to spread the news about the initiative. Frosk also provided the voice-over for a cinema ad and Instagrammers were incentivised to participate with festival passes, bus tickets and other prizes hidden along the no. 30’s route.


4,000 pictures were uploaded, helping the bus to travel more than 50,000 metres.


Why I’m Curious

Finally someone made instagrams of food more useful than just restaurants or weight loss. This is changing people’s behavior and raising awareness around the importance of recycling by demonstrating the benefits of that behavior directly through a website. 

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