Under Armour’s Immersive Retail Experience

Redefining the retail experience, Under Armour’s new flagship store in Shanghai devotes more than 80% of its store to an immersive digital experience in an effort to break into the Asian market and launch with a brand story that aims to break through the clutter.

Visitors enter the store and are greeted my Michael Phelps and other athletes who share their training experience. It’s a 6-minute video on a 270 degree screen. After they complete the video, they are led to a smaller retail area, where instead of racks of clothing, shoppers will find a selection of clothes built out in a minimalist museum-like space where they can shop.

<via Contagious I/O>

Why I’m Curious

Fashion brands have been leading the charge with adding digital to their in-store retail experiences, whether it’s showing the number of likes for a particular item, providing interactive mirrors where they can try sizes and colors, or adding video to showcase their stories. Burberry has been the leader of the pack, but Under Armour one ups them by dedicating more of their store to the experience and brand story rather than providing utility.

One missed opportunity, though, is to add more interactive elements into the Under Armour experience such as integrating social to share parts of the vignette or to explore more stories from specific athletes.

Further, most of these experiences have been created abroad. I’m curious to see if the same trend will appear in the US where most of these brands already have such great brand recognition. Could these brands create more awareness and brand lift through one of these immersive experiences?


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