Google invents new revenue stream, Helpouts, initially designed to connect people

Tech powerhouse Google has now created a platform for individuals to fix real life problems in real time with “personalized” video advice from people. The service, Helpouts, connects individuals that seek help with those who can provide the required guidance through paid or free meetups. The service is offered in 8 different categories to start (from art & music, to cooking, to fitness & nutrition.)

The platform is able to connect users with experts across categories. Services not only include video chatting capabilities but also—with the permission of the user—screen sharing capabilities. Some classes or advice sessions are free while others have a fixed cost. In its initial stage of this project, Google already has over 1000 companies participating and hopes to continue to expand with more.

Why I’m Curious:
I’m curious to see how this unfolds. I obviously think this will be successful but I’m wondering if they will add in a community aspect (similar to a quora) where it doesn’t have to be an expert that answers questions and or if people will be able to rate the services that they receive through the platform.


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