A Faboolous Oreo Post

Oreo celebrated Halloween on Twitter and Vine by remaking scenes from classic horror films. Using Oreos, milk and minisets, the ads are way more adorable than scary, but faboolous nonetheless!

From PSFK,

Remember the blood elevator scene in “The Shining”? Well, Oreo replaced the gory blood with a river of milk, flooding down the hall.  Ad agency 360i developed the series of ads for the cookie company. With the Oreo cookie as the star of the show, the Vines have been uploaded onto Twitter.

Why I’m Curious

It doesn’t matter if you’re in beauty, toys or financial services – there’s a good chance a client has brought up that they want social content to be like Oreo. I think Oreo is one of the only brands that simple posts receive publicity, rather than videos or larger campaigns. While all their social executions do excite me and I’m always eager to see what they put out, I think the flexibility of the product to be connected to culture is what makes them a constant social media win.


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