Tweeting Bra for Breast Cancer

The tweeting bra is a project by Nestle Fitness for their breast cancer awareness campaign in Greece.  The way in which the bra works is that every time an individual unhooks their bra a special hidden mechanism sends a signal to a cell phone—then notifying a server that will generate the tweet.  The hashtag for the campaign is #Tweetingbra and users can also follow the twitter handle @tweetingbra to see more information. 


Why I am Curious:

Tactics for breast cancer have really gained traction in awareness and usage in the last couple of years (i.e. pins, clothes, ribbons etc), and while I think a “tweeting bra” is interesting it feels invasive and annoying in the amount of tweets that would be going off every time a person hooked their bra.  I’m curious to know if people would actually do this.


Share your thoughts.

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