Remote Controlled Tourists

Tourism Victoria created a website called Remote Control Tourist which invited people to use Twitter or Facebook to control two tourists exploring Melbourne. Leveraging the hashtag #MelbourneRCT, the tourists were able to see the instructions and were expected to follow them. Their headmounted cameras documented their journey.

The campaign runs live from October 9 -13, with each day’s activity recorded in a highlights film distributed on YouTube.

The campaign attracted 96% sentiment on Twitter with 20M impressions, 8726 unique user requests from people over 5 days.  More than 20% of users returened to the site where they spent an average of 7 minutes.

Why I’m Curious

There seems to be a trend in consumer attitudes for exploring new experiences and new cultures on a whim. There is also a trend for interactive campaigns, where users are involved in the creation of the final product. Nissan just released an interactive video where users can affect the outcome of the story. Here consumer similarly affect the highlights real that is produced as part of the campaign.


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