Infiniti’s Interactive Film “Deja-View”

Luxury auto maker Infiniti has partnered with The Blair Witch Project’s producers, Campfire, to release an eerie choose-your-own-adventure interactive movie called Deja-View.

The 20 minute film centers on a well-groomed couple driving on a desert road in their Infiniti Q50. They seem like a pair, but ultimately, they’re unsure of who and where they are, whom to trust and where they’re supposed to be going. By dialing a special number and code on their cellphones and actually “talking to” the characters (using technology such as natural language processing systems), viewers will be able to affect the characters’ choices and help them work out what’s going on. The outcome of the movie will be tailored to their choices.

(Via Creativity-Online)

Why I’m Curious

This is an innovative application of branded entertainment. It’s neat that the film uses language processing technology to adapt to the viewer, depending on their conversations with the onscreen characters. The choose-your-own-adventure model creates an interactive element that viewers are invested in, while incorporating various digital platforms, including websites and smartphones, to tell the story.


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