In early October, Hyatt kicked off a campaign to give random acts of kindness.  They sent 46 of the employees to several global cities to open the door for people with only a sign, #InAHyattWorld, for explanation.  The campaign was launched for research purposes to better understand how their guests react to more personal experiences.  The reaction was a splash and Hyatt continued the campaign across a number of cities handing out juices, having stations for cell phone charges and even helping out strangers move.

Why I’m Curous

The campaign was greatly received and people even started doing their own random acts of kindness and using the hashtag.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 2.59.54 PM


Hyatt has the right idea here, not only because they are receiving excellent reactions but because it gives the Hyatt brand a good name.  The more fans and customers feel good about a brand the more they are to use that brand again.  Some say kindness is contagious, I would love to see how opening a door for someone escalated and would probably be a great experiment for Hyatt to track.


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