The Cheetos brand is giving a nod to the great tradition of toilet papering houses on Halloween with an online experience that lets you TP houses using Google Maps and Street View.


The Frito-Lay brand worked with Google on the effort, which lets you TP everything from your neighbor’s house to landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa (see below). The brand is promoting the effort on the Google Display Network as well as YouTube.

The app is part of a long-running push from the brand to associate itself with pranks that are fun, but harmless. The brand’s 2008 “Random Acts of Cheetos” push for instance, tried to recruit consumers to toss a handful of the orange snack into someone’s dryer load of whites at the laundromat.

Why I’m Curious: I really appreciate this collaboration between Cheetos and Google Maps. It seems to take a relatively harmless and fun-natured approach to pranks and its timeliness is rather appropriate given Halloween around the corner. I’m curious how other brands can use the “virtual” world to allow consumers to connect between real-life and digital and have a little fun at no-ones expense.

I am curious about how this is ultimately going to convert into sales for Frito-Lay though. In my opinion, this campaign would be far better served if it was a collaboration between Google Maps and Charmin or Bounty.


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