Show Me Your Artwork

Diesel launched a new campaign, “Show Me Your Artwork,” on Tumblr to find hidden artistic talent around the world. The campaign name pretty much sums it up, as Diesel selected 1,000 submissions from artists to put on display at a Paris department store.

From PSFK,

“Show Me Your Artwork” project is a gigantic public display of digital art. The 1,000 chosen submissions were plastered on the external walls and windows of Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and will be on display till October 24. Transforming the iconic department store into an art exhibition, the Diesel project exposes thus far unknown digital artists in a public setting where people will inevitably take notice. The unusual setting of the digital art gallery serves as a great breeding ground for dialogue.


Why I’m Curious

The fashion industry as a whole is very and never afraid to tap into different social networks or technology. From Burberry’s RFID stores to Stella McCartney’s snapchat fashion show and J.Crew debuting their catalogue on Pinterest, it seems every week there’s something that keeps us curious about the fashion industry – whether big or small.


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