Howl For a Party


Jose Cuervo wants partying to be easier. As the next iteration of their October 2012 campaign, ‘Who’s In?’ they have created the new app Howl, which allows users to broadcast to their friends that a party is happening. 

The hashtag #partyanimals and animal themed videos have been driving traffic to download the app, but there currently aren’t any reviews. The app currently is unbranded, which seems like a missed opportunity. 

While this doesn’t seem that different than a Facebook Event, it does have som advantages: It will buzz your friend’s phones when a new event is created and it is more impromptu in nature than a Facebook event. The app was created on Foursquare’s API. 


Why I’m Curious

While a lot of brands have sponsored apps and then have difficulty getting uses to download them, I’m wondering if creating additional entertaining content around that app might help drive downloads. In this case, it appears Jose Cuervo has build the app from scratch and completely but left it unbranded leaving users who aren’t familiar with their brand campaign in the dark about which brand has made partying easier for them. 


Share your thoughts.

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