State Farm Brings Back “Chaos in Your Town” – This Time on Mobile

Couple years ago, State Farm introduced you to “Chaos in Your Town,” a website that let you plug in your home address and witness a robot wreaking havoc on your neighborhood. Now, the insurance giant came up with the second iteration of the campaign — except this time, it’s mobile.

The mobile iAd uses the GPS capabilities of your smart phone, replacing the manual address input requirement from 2011. The result is a movie featuring that robot going on a rampage in your current location.

One of the challenges was to drive users to call State Farm and get a quote that didn’t feel forced — some interactivity was incorporated to that part of the ad, where you’re asked how you want to respond to the robot. This also helped with the challenge of driving users to call State Farm and get a quote in a way that did not feel forced.

It’s no surprise the insurer is bringing back Chaos in Your Town, which racked up some pretty impressive numbers in terms of consumer engagement in its previous stint. In the first 10 weeks of the 2011 Chaos in Your Town effort, with a digital media spend around $700,000, the campaign

  • Garnered more than 900 blog mentions
  • Saw more than one million user-generated films were created
  • Resulted in more than 200 million user-generated impressions

In the following 20 months, without any paid media support, the campaign went on to generate 6+ million additional user generated videos, bringing the total to about 7 million films.

Why Am I Curious?

I think the most interesting part of this example is how much engagement and interactivity it brings into an ad. Sure it is using Google StreetView images as opposed to actual Augmented Reality but the end result still seems to really stand out from rest of the online ads and draws users to engage with the ‘game’ while still giving a strong brand message at the end.

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