buy stuff on instagram

Unknown to me, lots of stuff gets sold on Instagram…or is at least put up for sale using the hashtag #forsale. A new company called Hashbag has stepped in to capitalize on the trend, and presumably bring a bit of order to the marketplace.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 2.58.45 PM

From what I’ve read, the selling process seems to go something like the following:

1) Post item you want to sell with hashtag #forsale

2) Hashbag emails you (not sure exactly how) for pricing info, and you oblige

3) Your item goes live on a personal Hashbag seller’s page (e.g.

4) Somebody chooses to buy your item, and pays you using PayPal

The logistics of the process seem a bit hazy…Unless you call out your email in your profile info, I’m not 100% sure how Hashbag emails you in the first-place given that there’s no DM/PM functionality on Instagram. On the transactional end, same thing goes…not 100% sure how buyer/seller exchange PayPal info unless it’s directly in the comments section, which seems uncomfortably high profile to me.

Why I’m Curious?

Had I not known that lots of people were already doing this, I would’ve ripped on this idea more than I already am going to…Why not use eBay, an established, respected, and reliable marketplace, where you’ll likely get a better selling price, to sell whatever it is you’re selling on Instagram? Logistically, it also seems like a pain to buy/sell anything.

But, hey, the site is nice-looking, it makes it easier to sift through things that people are obviously already keen on selling, and, if the seller is registered to the site, mitigates some of the transactional difficulties. Maybe people will use this? I’m interested to see how it does.


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