Attack of the State Farm Chaos Robot (2013 Edition)

State Farm’s neighborhood-destroying alien robot is back, and is coming at you from your phone. Using the GPS in your smartphone, a new iAd from State Farm lets you create a custom video of the robot stomping around your current location.  The Chaos game uses Google Streetview images and puts you in the face of the robot with only the choice of insurance to protect you.

The 2011 iteration of this campaign saw great results, including:

In the first 10 weeks of the 2011 Chaos in Your Town effort, with a digital media spend around $700,000, the campaign:
• Garnered more than 900 blog mentions
• Saw more than one million user-generated films were created
• Resulted in more than 200 million user-generated impressions

In the following 20 months, without paid media, the campaign generated:
• More than 6 million user generated videos, bringing the total to about 7 million films
• More than 800 million user generated impressions

Why I’m Curious

With the ever-growing popularity of gaming and mobile devices, along with the success of the past campaign, it will be interesting to see the results of this campaign compared to the last.


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