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I got my eyes on you…#starbucksdrakehands.  #Starbucksdrakehands is a new sensation has been sweeping the internet nation and it all started with a friendly interaction at Starbucks.  Piper Kennedy claims that she gave her number to, Brody, a barista at Starbucks and received the most epic selfie video to this day.  The video entailed a good-looking Brody, smiling and nodding to Drake’s, “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”  Piper then revealed the video to her friends who created a parody video sparking a much appreciated domino effect.

Why I’m Curious

The news of Brody’s selfie video went viral and soon users on Instagram and Twitter were hashtagging their videos #starbucksdrakehands.  The hashtag #starbucksdrakehands have been used by such celebrities as, Rain Wilson, Bryan Greenberg and even Larry King.  The question that remains though, why did this video go viral and how can we leverage it?

As social strategists, these questions are always on our mind.  Could it be the right time and the right place?  If Piper decided to just disregard the video the world might have never seen it.  Or could it be the charismatic Brody with phenomenal dance moves that encouraged users to create parodies?  Whatever the reason may be, #starbucksdrakehands is in fact a great comparison for the videos we put out for our clients and maybe hilarious/creepy content like Brody’s selfie video or any Skittles commercial is something that we should keep in mind to generate engagement.


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