Pinterest Launches Ads

In September Pinterest announced its plans to launch Promoted Pins. The ads launched with select businesses on Wednesday. While the ads very similar to Facebook Sponsored Stories and Twitter Sponsored Tweets, they’re fairly relevant, as they show up in appropriate searches.

From Mashable,

Promoted Pins blend in rather seamlessly with the rest of the (non-paid) pins on a page. Some users will no doubt appreciate their unobtrusiveness. At the same time, the lack of a colored box, prominent “sponsored” tag or any other marker typically used to differentiate paid content from organic content makes it difficult to distinguish Promoted Pins from normal ones.


Why I’m Curious

I don’t think anyone was surprised when Pinterest announced plans to launch ads. After all, how else is a social platform supposed to rake it in? However, I think given the nature of Pinterest they’re way more organic and integrated than Facebook, and even Twitter. I’m interested in seeing how companies utilize this, particularly the beauty and fashion industries.


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