Food Truck Dispenses Smells To Mimic the Experience of Eating

It’s pretty apparent that food trucks are all the rage in several cities across the US–where that can be mobile and give individuals access to foods they may not be able to obtain otherwise (i.e. areas there aren’t many restaurants–like 12th ave and 26th street). But in its height, innovation in the space continues—most recently with a concept that doesn’t actually require eating. A new project called the GhostFood Truck will do just this with an eating experience that will trick the mind. The GhostFoodTruck essentially mimics what actual food would taste like with a 3D-printed headset—attached to one’s face—allowing the user to smell various types of food.

The purpose of the headset is to trick your brain into thinking that it is legitimately eating food by get the chance to much on something (that is a vegan substitute) as well as get a sense for how it smells.

Food Truck Dispenses Smells To Mimic the Experience of Eating

Why I am Curious:
I think this is such a unique and forward thinking project that touches upon several problematic areas—obesity, climate change (threatening extinction of different foods), increasing population will increase food scarcity etc. In knowing that 80% of ‘taste’ actually comes from smell, I think this is a concept that could work to solve several issues but also heighten different experiences. For instance what if you were shopping for food online and saw something you wanted to try but didn’t want to pay for it if you didn’t like but were able to smell it to validate. Or what if you were doing a travel campaign and users could for instance smell the ocean and the beach increasing their desire to travel there. I am interested to see when this will launch and like may things if it will be insanely expensive.


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