Eco-Friendly Guerilla Marketing

We feature guerilla marketing tactics here quite a bit. The unusual tactics, the creativity and imagination that make them work and the results they return are all of interest. A new trend in guerilla marketing seems to be an eco-friendly trend. Here are two examples:

Artists are now using Rustoleum NeverWet to create street graffiti that can only be seen in the rain.


The Domino’s Green Graffiti squad is power washing stenciled messages onto the sidewalks in front of some storefronts.

Why I’m Curious:
• It’s graffiti, which harkens to a rebellious/outlaw type of image, but since the methods don’t require any sort of permanent markings/damage to the property, the consequences (legal or otherwise) would seem to be lessened.
• It’s just cool and eye catching. Users who come upon it are often left wondering just what it is and how it was done.


Share your thoughts.

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