Cable Subscribers Can Watch TV Shows Via Tweets

The partnership made between Comcast and Twitter today marks a pivotal point in the entertainment industry. For the first time ever, Comcast Xfinity subscribers can tune in to a TV show directly from a Tweet. Comcast developed a new Twitter feature called See Itwhich will allows Xfinity customers to watch On Demand shows, change channels, set the DVR and show reminders all with one click. They can also buy a ticket via Comcast-owned Fandango.


The concept of See It is fairly easy to grasp. Trending tweets about a show will feature a See It button, which enables users to activate the menu options, allowing them to connect to that specific show either on TV or a mobile device.

Starting November, See It will be available with shows on NBCUniveral’s networks, including NBC, NBC SPORTS NETWORK, MSNBC, USA, BRAVO, and many others. Both Twitter and Comcast have intentions of expanding See It to other networks in the future.

Why Am I Curious?

Social and TV has been merging for quite some time now and I think this initiative really starts to blur the lines and bring a real-time element to tv programming discovery. I do wonder what kind of incremental advertising opportunities would come along with this and/or if this will give way to different ad formats on Twitter.



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