The School of Make Art—a collaboration of Levi and Skillshare.

As apart of its global campaign, “Make Our Mark,” Levi’s has teamed up with Skillshare to launch a series of online video classes to help interested users in developing/enhancing creative skills—i.e. designing tattoos, mobile phone photography, creating typographics (inspired by sound), designing vintage-inspired postcards etc. Each class will be around 4 key themes—origins, passions, methods and goals in order to inspire and foster creativity. Some of the expert teachers include: legendary graphic designer David Carson, urban explorer Cubby Graham, and Rihanna’s tattoo artist BANG BANG etc etc. The most successful creations will be included in a “Make Our Mark” time capsule.

Each class is $10 with 100% of the money going to fund arts, and music education for kids through the Dave Eggers’ organization.

Why I’m Curious:
One of the big trends we’ve started to see come to fruition is consumer expectations from brands. They want more, expect more, and are not going to waist their time on anything that isn’t brilliant and worth their while. Brands really have to push the envelope to go beyond just selling a product. They need to offer an experience that touches lives in a meaningful way and gives them an indulgence that was not expected. I think Levi’s partnership with Skillshare will do just that and I am interested in seeing the results and impact this has on consumer loyalty.


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