“The Hardest Game on the Internet” Pays Off for ITAKA Foundation

A foundation dedicated to finding missing people, ITAKA, recently created an online game aimed at making players feel empathetic toward the cause. Players are tasked with finding one character in a world of millions – a nearly impossible feat – but a few minutes into the experience, a layover points out how difficult it is to find missing people in real life. Paired with this messaging is a call to action for donations.

Watch to learn more.

Via Ads of the World

Why I’m Curious

The ITAKA game flips traditional cause-based marketing upside down, focusing on getting players to relate to volunteers more so than victims. This seems quite smart, as getting people to think more like volunteers shifts their mindset in a direction that is focused on driving productive actions. For example, donating to the cause, or maybe even also becoming a volunteer.


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