NFL Tackles Online Gaming to Score Sales

Home Depot is once again making a bid to win over college football fans by bringing back a newly updated mobile gaming application from 2012 that lets consumers challenge their friends and family in games for a chance to win prizes.

In conjunction with Carrot Creative, they’ve launched the iPhone game app called Corso’s Cornhole Challenge in which fans compete against ESPN virtual personas for impressive prizes. In the 8 weeks since the campaign relaunched, the number of mobile game downloads has topped 55,000 with over 450,000 games played and growing. Engagement levels have been extremely high, with the average user playing 13 games.

To complement the iPhone game with a social element, Carrot created the Home Depot College GameDay Facebook application to serve as an additional hub for fan interaction. The Facebook application includes tailgating tips, an Instagram contest and DIY projects so fans can build their own cornhole sets – bringing the mobile game to life.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 3.26.24 PM

Carrot Creative Video 2012:

Why I’m Interested:

Brands of all kinds are trying to find ways to engage consumers. Using branded mobile games is an often-subtle (see Chipotle and “The Scarecrow”) way to attract customers , raise brand awareness and ultimately drive sales. Home Depot is leveraging college football fans’ loyalty and passion to promote their brand effectively.

Mobile gaming has not caught on with all online retailers yet, but Home Depot’s app is a great example of effective brand-related mobile gaming. If designed to be a fun and addictive experience,  a branded mobile game can be an effective means for a retailer to stay in the forefront of a consumer’s attention.

I’m particularly impressed with Home Depot’s integrated approach to bringing the whole campaign full circle by not only building the game but using social media and sweeps to further incentive users and create bus. Furthermore, they’ve provided CTA’s back to the Home Depot website for DIY tips to build your own cornhole game, thus providing users with real-world applications and a reason to shop for specific products.


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