Why Everyone Must See This Epic Mercedes-Benz Commercial

Combine chickens, funk music and obscure choreography, and what do you get? The latest viral hit from Mercedes-Benz. To quote one of the top comments on YouTube, which has 178 thumbs up at time of publication, “This is the best advertisement I’ve seen in all 21 years of life on this planet.”


Why I’m Curious

As of yesterday when I first watched this video, it had a little over 1 million views. Today the video has surpassed 2 million, and I would be willing to bet on my own child that the video will blow up even more in the coming weeks (side note: I don’t actually have a child, so don’t be too concerned by that last statement).

But what perhaps intrigues me the most about this video is that the viewer never once sees a Mercedes-Benz car, which would have surely dampened the video’s legs for virality. Yet at the same time, the entire concept is brilliantly tied to a product benefit, ensuring that all these millions of views provide some value for the brand. Just another great example of edutainment-style content delivering big results for brands.


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