Satisfries Have Landed

Attack of the 8-foot french fries! Recently giant french fries began appearing in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles without branding, just a #wtff (What the French Fry) hashtag. Then they showed up in the background of the Today Show. Approximately a week after showing up, it was revealed they were promoting Burger King’s new “Satisfries,” a lower-calorie french fry that it says has significantly less fat and fewer calories than its competitors’ offerings.

Why I’m Curious

The fact these fries showed up unannounced and without proper branding led to a significant amount of social chatter, including thousands of tagged photos on Instagram. While the idea of spending lots of money on a promotion without proper brand linkage may scare some brands, it let people have fun at the brand’s expense before letting them in on the joke. This type of approach is reminiscent of Jimmy Kimmel’s twerk stunt because it let the content speak for itself first before the grand reveal, which in my opinion strengthens the linkage by tapping into people’s initial curiosity.


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