Kleenex helps you stay healthy this flu season

Kleenex wants to get people buying tissues before their cold or flu actually strikes. To help consumers know when they’re likely to get sick, it’s launched myachoo.com, a site which acts as a predictor of germs and where they will strike next. US users simply type in their Zip Code and the site provides up to the minute Centers for Disease Control data on colds in their area. It goes beyond other cold and flu trackers like Google Flu Trends or the Cold-FX app, by predicting where germs will strike within the next three weeks — not just showing where they already are. Preliminary tests suggest the tool is 90% accurate.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 4.39.36 PM

A accompanying TV campaign from JWT, New York, shows the shame of people who’ve been forced into unfortunate alternatives when they didn’t have Kleenex, such as sneezing into their hands and then wiping them on the family dog. via @AdAge

Why I’m Curious

Kleenex went ten steps beyond just telling people to prepare for flu season by creating a valuable utility to help people anticipate and prepare for winter. The tool not only anticipates cold in the users’ location, it also provides tips for staying healthy and offers a coupon download. It seems like this idea could have very easily and effectively extended to Facebook, in terms of sharing the info with family and friends and having people send each other coupons.



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