Heineken Plays Second Game of Departure Roulette With People Who Tweeted About the First One

Heineken revisit the concept of unscheduled trips in this sequel to their popular Departure Roulette stunt.  For the follow-up, the brand made surprise visits to people who had tweeted during the earlier campaign that they would want to try Departure Roulette—and let them do so.

In the sequel video, camera crews confront unsuspecting tweeters at their front doors, at work and on the sidewalk, with the big green Departure Roulette board in tow.

Via: Adweek

Why I’m Curious:

Heineken just brought Departure Roulette to a whole new level.  The first part of the campaign was a great stunt and it didn’t really have much of a social integration to it.    This follow up leveraged on reactions on social media and surprised and delighted tweeters.  This took the campaign to another level, where a brand made an extra effort to show that they are aware of users’ conversations online.

Another similar example of a follow up campaign is  Wheat Thins Twitter campaign from a few years ago.

When we execute campaigns moving forward, let’s be thorough and get inspired by social conversations around it!


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