Google Improves Search Results & Brings Cross-Platform Notifications To Mobile


Google turned 15 today and announced a couple of new features for Google Search. The mobile search interface, for example, is about to get a bit of a redesign with results that are clustered on cards “so you can focus on the answers you’re looking for.”

With today’s update, it’s now featuring the ability to use the Knowledge Graph to compare things. If you want to compare the nutritional value of olive oil to butter, for example, Google Search will now give you a comparison chart with lots of details.

On mobile, Google is now making it easier to use your voice to set reminders and have those synced between devices. So you can say “Ok Google, Remind me to buy butter at Safeway” on your Nexus tablet and when you walk into the store with your iPhone, you’ll get that reminder. To enable this, Google will roll out a new version of its Search app for iPhone and iPad in the next few weeks.

With regard to notifications, it’s also worth noting that Google is now adding Google Now push notifications to its iPhone app, which will finally make Google Now useful on Apple’s platform.

Why I’m curious:

With it’s cross-platform push notifications, Google will be able to layer user historical behavior patterns from desktops and tablets with their geo-location data in-real time to truly deliver contextually relevant message. I’m curious to see how this would impact the effectiveness of mobile search ad and geo-fencing campaigns.


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