Explore Your City With Your Shoes

<via contagious>

Puma launched a new app, PUMA RUN NAVI, which combines the functionality of Google Maps, Google Places, and the best elements of other running apps to help runners find the best route to meet their distance and sightseeing goals. 


Users input the things in the city they want to see and the distance they want to run. The app then generates the best course to meet both goals. During the run, audio cues notify the user of when to turn right or left, how much distance has been run, and when an attraction is reached. 


Why I’m Curious

It seems like the app market is already saturated with self-tracker fitness tools, especially running apps, which are dominated by Nike+ and Fitbit. Why add to an already saturated market? 

On the other hand, this app does bring some new routing functionality to the table, but is that going to be enough to draw users? Nike’s app is directly linked to the shoe or a bracelet, whereas here it seems anyone can use the app. The objectives are slightly different though: Nike is aiming to acquire new customers and drive loyalty, while Puma is seeking to merely launch a new shoe, positioning it less as about achieving and more about enjoyment of running. 



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