Crowdsourced App Helps You Find A Quiet Place

Cities can be noisy, overwhelming and overstimulating – for all of our senses. A new mobile app, Stereopublic, tries to alleviate this stress, and allows users to find, document and share their favorite “noiseless” places in cities.

From PSFK,

Created by Australian composer and sound artist Jason Sweeney along with sound experts Emma Quayle and Julian Treasure, the app is currently available in eighteen cities around the world, with twelve more to be released soon. Geo-location facilitates the process of documentation: ‘earwitnesses’ (as Stereopublic dubs its participants) simply indicate the exact location on the map interface on their mobile device and tag it along with a 30 second recording and image so that others can find the same place. The spot can be tagged with a different color depending on the user’s mood, and an original composition to accompany the quiet space can be requested as well. Participants can also share locations through the website. With the mobile app, users can then ‘tour’ their cities in a new way, discovering havens of tranquility.

Why I’m Curious

As I hear sirens, phones ringing, chewing and over four different conversations from my desk as I type, it sounds like a great idea! However, it seems when you need quiet time you instinctively head home, rather than check your phone for a potential new quiet place around you. I was also curious about the number of users. Is it possible that the more successful the app becomes the less useful it becomes?


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