Make Time For Living

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Let’s Watch!

IKEA teamed up with Australian ad agency, The Monkeys, to develop a two minute video for a new brand campaign.  The campaign touches on consumers’ busy lives and how they don’t have time to appreciate their family and lovely home.  IKEA chose a 9 year-old Australian boy who voices his concern about his family’s daily activities all while walking through and showing off IKEA items.

Why I’m Curious

I like IKEA’s approach to the busy family and the hectic daily life.  They present such a complex idea in a simple, easy going commercial.  We all know that an average person spends most of their time working, running errands and other activities and might not have time to just sit down and relax.  It is a great feeling for a consumer to be reminded of that every once in a while and using a cute little 9 year-old definitely did the trick for me.  It also helps that the 9 year-old is walking through a beautiful home showcasing IKEA’s products and familiarizing the consumer with their products.


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