Kleenex Flu-Prediction Tool


Kleenex has launched a tool that will predict the course of the next cold and flu season.

To access the tool, users visit MyAchoo.com and enter their postal code to get a prediction of how likely their neighbourhood is to get the flu in the next three weeks. The prediction tool is proprietary and compiled using data from the US Centers for Disease Control.

Kleenex will also be using data from the algorithm to plot a route for a promotion and publicity tour across the US. The tour, called Kleenex Checkpoints, will start in Chicago, the worst hit city for winter colds and flus last year.

Why I’m Curious

This is a useful application of big data. Users benefit from the predictive nature of the tool, allowing them to track the cold and flu season, ideally taking more preventive measures (i.e., purchasing Kleenex products). Additionally, Kleenex is benefiting from the data collected in the process, allowing them to better track ROI on those hyper-targeted promotional efforts. It will be interesting to see how accurate the tool is in its predictions, and if this data generates an increase in revenue for the brand.


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