BA taps the Twittersphere to launch the Dreamliner

British Airways is marking the launch of its Dreamliner fleet by running a competition today that pits the state-of-the-art aircraft against a virtual plane, the ‘Tweetliner’.

BA race

The competition is a live race between the virtual Twitter plane and an active BA A380 flight from London to Los Angeles.  The Tweetliner is powered by #racetheplane tweets, and anyone who uses the hash tag will be entered to win 1 of 5 free flights from LHR –> LAX.  The live race can be tracked here:

Why I’m Curious

This is a simple and extremely low cost way to promote BA’s Dreamliner. I’m curious whether its simplicity will hurt it, to some extent, since the execution itself isn’t anything new.  That said, why not tweet for the chance to win a trip?!  At the moment the contest has been running for 2 hours, according to the site, and there have been limited tweets (under 20 today alone, and at least 1/3 are from BBH, who is running the promo).  It was originally meant to fly from London to Toronto on a Boeing 787 but seems to have switched at the last minute to London to Los Angeles on an Airbus A380.



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