A phone made out of blocks

Two things…First, a phone you never have to throw away. Second, the explosive social platform the phone’s inventor is using to promote it.

Phonebloks is a concept that looks at the mobile phone as a constantly upgradeable, constantly renewable device.

Thunderclap is a platform for building support for a message, and then broadcasting said message with massive scale (we first picked up on it here). Think of a Kickstarter for a message…reach a certain threshold of support for a message, and that message is then blasted out across all of your supporters’ social channels.

Why I’m Curious?

Phonebloks is a very disruptive idea…in order for it get off the ground, however, consumers really need to rally around it. Is the prospect of a perpetually upgradeable, customizable phone, albeit one that will basically look like everyone else’s, sufficiently appealing? One thing’s for sure…OEM’s are certainly not going to help this along.

To the rallying around…Thunderclap seems like an immensely powerful way to get your word out there. As long as you have something that your peers will feel passionate about (be it socially- or commercially-minded), this platform can go a long way towards raising awareness around it.

Thanks Tony for the tip!


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