Verified Twitter Accounts Get New Feed

Twitter has rolled out a special feature to only verified accounts – two additional filters on the “Connect” tab. Now users (with that little blue check) can view mentions from All, Filtered, or Verified. The ultimate goal? To make conversations between celebrities easier while eliminating spam. On the “Verified” tab, users will only see other verified accounts they follow (aka other “celeb status” individuals). Fancy, right?


Why I’m Curious: 

I get it, Twitter prides itself on being a place where celebrities, athletes, musicians, etc. can share their daily happenings, but did we need to create new functionality for them? I find it interesting that Twitter has taken an extra step to create a better user experience for their “top” users. I’m curious to see if this will decrease engagement with fans/common folk in the space or help it – fans are still housed in that “Filtered” tab with less spam!

I did some exploring on our own @RealLunchables brand page and the functionality (rolled out yesterday) appears to be a little glitchy. The “Verified” tab didn’t filter as expected… we will see!

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 1.45.56 PM


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