Nissan Bets On Wearable Tech Market With Its Own Smartwatch, ‘NISMO’

The wearable market is huge. Tech companies like Samsung and Google are betting that wearable computers, a la smartwatches, will be the next big thing for consumers as interest in smartphones dies down. Nissan seems to be thinking in much the same way.

“Nismo,” is a concept watch designed specifically for Nissan Nismo drivers. Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the watch will let drivers monitor vehicle efficiency, access vehicle performance data, capture biometric data (via a heart rate monitor), and even receive messages from Nissan.

The watch is part of Nismo Lab, a bespoke mobile lab that tests biometric training tools to help Nissan Nismo race car drivers, by measuring their heart rhythms and brainwaves to monitor fatigue, concentration and emotional levels.

Why Am I Curious?

People are obsessed with wearable gadgets to track their fitness regimens, I guess the question is why not their driving – since this tends to be an area of passion for many people as well. The one piece that I do wonder about the idea is whether or not this will be a distraction to driving and how the interface attempts to handle that.


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