A New iPad Browser That’s Worth a Try

This week Opera released Coast, a browser crafted specifically with the iPad experience in mind. Making maximum use of the iPad’s screen size, and tap/swipe navigational features, the browser eschews standard elements like the URL bar and back/forward nav buttons in favor of more “iPad-friendly” interactions. The app has been met with stellar reviews.

Here’s Opera’s pitch:

Number one, every design element in Coast has been carefully crafted for iPad. It’s not just a mobile interface scaled up to fit a touchscreen. 

Number two, it’s comfortable to use, looks great and is based on intuitive swipe gestures.

Number three, all the stuff you don’t see. We have invented a lot of technology that works under the hood, keeping you safe and secure.


Why I’m Curious?

With all of the discussion around optimizing experiences across devices, it surprises me that it’s taken so long for someone to take another look at the tablet browsing experience. I unfortunately haven’t been able to give Coast a try, but given the reviews, I’m led to believe that the experience is quite the improvement.

Unfortunately for Opera, it’s tough to see Apple really allowing this to take off…Expect to see a new-look Safari in the near-future.


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