Say Hello to Winston

Apps for children are nothing new, but one app is breaking down the wall communication between kids and the iPad. Meet Winston, star of “The Winston Show” from the hot app developer ToyTalk. When Winston asks a child a question on the app, he can listen carefully and craft an intelligent response back to them. Oren Jacob, cofounder and CEO, was at Pixar for 20 years before starting ToyTalk, so it’s obvious that the attention to detail in The Winston Show is exquisite.

Via Fast Company.

So far, more than 3,000 lines have been recorded for the app. The ToyTalk team wants to add fresh material to the app every week, and there’s a full-time voice actor on staff to make that possible.

Why I’m Curious:

I think it will be interesting to follow the progress of this app. This doesn’t seem like it’s going to be one of those apps that is released and then abandoned by the developer. If ToyTalk sticks to their intention to update weekly with new content, it can become an incredibly powerful app and an industry standard. I’d also like to see how many developers follow suit and create more apps that “communicate” with users intelligently based on voice input.


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