OK Glass, let’s drive

Mercedes-Benz wants to help guide you to where you’re going, whether you’re in the car or not. The brand is partnering with Google to integrate its on-board navigation system with the search giant’s Glass wearable computer. Calling the system Door-to-Door Navigation, the luxury car brand hopes to make the transition from walking to driving as smooth as possible. 

It works like this: commuters leaving the house tell their Google Glass where they’re heading. Glass then automatically connects to the wearer’s smartphone. When the driver gets behind the wheel, the smartphone seamlessly informs the automobile’s GPS of the intended destination, with no manual entry needed. Upon reaching the car’s final parking spot, Glass takes over again, guiding the user on foot to the destination.

Why I’m curious:

Although there are a lot of debates about using wearables while driving, the potential of Goggle glass to provide a seamless driving experience, track fuel usage and monitor driving habits is huge. And with the right guidance  it can even significantly improve safety. Glass has a built-in accelerometer that allows you to tilt your head up or down to scroll through menus and lists. What if that same accelerometer was used to detect a drowsy driver? Ford is doing it with steering inputs and Mercedes is working on eye-tracking technology. But with something mounted directly to your head, if you nod-off behind the wheel, Glass could react in milliseconds to sound an alarm through the built-in speaker.



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