NFLPA + Uber = No DUI’s for Your Favorite Players


They say there’s an app for everything – well now that includes being an inebriated NFL player who needs a ride but would rather not risk a PR disaster.

The NFL Player’s Union has partnered with Uber to provide players with premium access to their car services in any of the 20 NFL cities. All active NFL players receive a personalized keychain card with $200 in starting credit. This new partnership highlights a key piece of Uber’s agenda, “To educate city governments that this [service] reduces drunk driving and gets people out of their cars” – Travis Kalanick, CEO/co-founder of Uber.

Fun Fact: There were 10 cases of DUI/DWI charged to NFL players just this offseason

Why I’m Curious

This is a great example of a great idea, coming to life through a small tech brand/app, solving problems. Uber has been picking up a lot of momentum in terms of partnerships and offline activations in key markets such as Brooklyn’s #BKLovesUberX campaign which gave out free rides during the last weekend of August. With the rise of car sharing/service apps, I am curious to see how these type of partnerships will elevate awareness and impact the way we see and use transportation.


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