new wave of DIY electronics


For years DIY Electronics aficionados have been getting their hands “dirty” with custom breadboards and Arduino projects. The rise in popularity of DIY electronics gave rise to the extremely popular and lauded Raspberry Pi, an all in one Linux based computer for $35. The barrier to entry for many would-be DIY geeks has been the prerequisite knowledge of C# or Python to give the hardware functionality. All of that changed on Sept. 5th, however, with the release of Tessel, the DIY system completely based in JavaScript. Geeks rejoice!

Why I’m curious

Opening the world of DIY electronics to anyone with JavaScript programming skills will undoubtedly make the entire genre explode with new creative ideas. This will move us closer to a future with truly personal tech, for those with the passion to create, as well as, new ways of thinking about the possibilities of personalized technology that will influence traditional manufacturers for the mass consumer.


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