LG Can’t Stop Pranking Job Applicants

LG is back at it, this time pranking intern applicants. LG clearly really believes in the quality of their Ultra HD TV, so they turned it into a faux window and scared the bejesus out of people.

From Business Insider,

The commercial, which surfaced Monday on YouTube, shows the LG team rigging up the TVs to look like windows. Then, they sat job applicants across from the televisions under the premise that they were being interviewed for a position with the company.

When the tranquil cityscape displayed on the televisions erupts into a series of explosions, hidden cameras capture the applicants’ outrageous reactions.

Why I’m Curious

I had very mixed emotions when watching this video, from heart racing for the applicants to cracking up at their reactions. It seemed ridiculous, however I think it’s a great way to show the product, the personality of the brand and the culture of the office. I do wonder if that boy is still working at LG though…


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