Order Groceries with Instant Delivery


Pocket Shop is a new app may disrupt the grocery, convenience store, and take out categories, making obtaining a fresh back of groceries easy to shop for and delivered right to your door.

When users notice that their cupboards are running low on supplies, they can upload a grocery list to the app. The app will ping one of their 20 freelance grocery shoppers via text to head to the nearest grocery. The app also tells the shoppers the quickest route to the grocery and how to most efficiently navigate the aisles within the grocery. Food should be delivered within the hour.

This app competes with services like FreshDirect, which provide grocery delivery direct to your door. But users generally have to wait for a designated delivery time, whereas with Pocket Shop, groceries are delivered when you need them. This might also eat away at the Seamless and Grubhubs of the world, where prepared food is delivered.

Why I’m Curious

There are two trends this app is capitalizing on:

Convenience Trumps Everything

This is evidenced by

  • Crowdsourcing small tasks to save time
  • Desire for instantaenous results
  • Desire for services to fit my schedule

Second, this app brings much utility to the table, saving time, simplifying the shopping process, and solving for laziness.


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