GOOGLE’S new chat service links you to experts for real-time help


Helpouts is a new way to connect people who need help with people who can give help, over live video, anytime, anywhere.It consists of face-to-face video chats powered by Google+ Hangouts, where people can pay to get help from people who are able to monetize their knowledge and skills by covering areas like cooking, gardening, computers and electronics.

These connections can happen anytime, anywhere. The upcoming service is currently inviting people with expertise across a number of topics to be able to offer Helpouts when they go live. These experts can make money sharing their skills and knowledge with the world. The entirety of the scheduling, payment, rankings, etc. are managed by Google, in return for a 20% cut. There will also be options to charge by the minute, session, or provide a service for free.

Why I’m curious:

Google is trying to monetize Skillshare by providing real-time help with video chats. I can see it coming in handy in areas such as healthcare, cooking or tutoring. I’m interested to see if this is going to take off and how much of an impact this would make on Google’s local products such as Google Now cards and Hyperlocal news due to more personal and real-time information gathered from user through this service.


Share your thoughts.

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