Digital Camera Uploads Photos Directly to Social Networks

According to this PSFK article, “Swedish company theQ has launched a 5-megapixel digital camera that enables users to take and upload photos directly to social networks.”


Unlimited photos can be stored online in theQ LAB, which requires you to setup your camera once and then you never have to plug it in again. You can select social networks, apply filters and save your photos online, with everything hidden from public access if you prefer.

Features? A vintage viewfinder, manual focus ring, shock-proof, water-proof and an LED-powered ring flash that delivers perfectly even light. Encircling the optical axis of the lens, the ring flash also functions as a battery indicator and a timer, with eight segments that count down the seconds.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 11.29.24 AM

Why I’m Curious:

At $199 would you purchase and carry around this camera? Can’t we essentially do the same thing on our phones? But if you’re going to have a “camera” is this the way to go? These are all questions I asked myself. For those addicted to photo sharing this is the ultimate device. To me, it seems like more of a burden to carry the camera around and use another platform to manage your photos when our phones can suffice.


Share your thoughts.

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