Coca-Cola Israel Rewards Fans with Mini 3-D Printed Versions of Themselves

Coke has always been a brand that’s prided itself on creating a personal relationship with its consumers, and the Coca-Cola “Mini-Me” campaign suggests that they’re really just going for it these days. The campaign, from agency Gefen Team, promoted Coke’s new mini bottles and asked people to create mini versions of themselves via mobile app. They were then invited to Coke HQ to get a scan and then receive a 3-D printed mini-me, made of colored sandstone.

Participants had to take care of their their mini selves, Tamagotchi style (if you love going to the grocery store so much in real life that you want to play a game that lets you take a Sim-style version of yourself to the supermarket, you could finally have the chance thanks to Coca Cola).

Why I’m Curious: I think it’s interesting to watch how brands attempt to incorporate 3D printing into their advertising efforts. While I understand the tie between the mini bottle and mini me, I’m curious to see if these mini-me Tamagotchi will be enough of an incentive to get consumers to purchase more of the product. I’m also curious if the consumer behavior of this Mediterranean market will be excited or burdened by having having the responsibility of “raising” the mini-me.


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