The U.S. and U.K rank “below normal” in Mindshare’s country ranking of digital normalness.

Mindshare recently created a report called “Digital Culture and the Digital Normal Index,” which defines what they believe to be digital “normalness” and or “abnormalness” per country.  The purpose of the study done was ultimately to give insight to what drives individuals to go online—i.e. music, watch movies, blog or play games on the internet.  About 30 different topics in 30 different countries are covered in the report for online activity such as social networking, and watching porn and are then compared to behaviors across the following categories: information, self-expression and communication, transaction and entertainment.


Each country was ranked according to the above measurements, also keeping in mind the digital infrastructures in place for those countries (i.e. speed of internet connection).  The results where surprising.  The U.S. –among the world’s richest and technologically advanced nation—was least motivated to go online for self-expression/communications and transactions.  The U.K. –a nation of tech geeks (defined from a recent study)—is at the bottom of the normalness ranking because they are less motivated to go online for information, communication; however they are eager to find entertainment, and shop online.  Japan—the leader in tech and engineering innovation—is left behind the U.S. and the U.K. with the least motivation to have fun online, do transactions and socialize.

The leaders for normalness were China, Portugal, and Singapore.  The BRIC countries led by China, had “above normal” in motivation to use digital communication tools.

Why I am Curious:

Sometime when we don’t have the right information we make educated guesses.   Based on what I know and have read, saying the U.S. and U.K. were the most motivated to be online would have been my guess yet it is the complete opposite.  I find this to be really interesting and it just goes to show educated guesses can be really far off if we don’t have the right information or don’t ask the right questions.


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