Print Your Next Pair of Shoes

Why head to Nordstrom for heels when a 3D printer can pump out shoe after shoe from home? That’s the idea behind Finnish designer Janne Kyttanen’s new (and semi-free) collection of footwear that’s brought to life through 3D printing.


DesignTAXI reports: 

Kyttanen has created four styles of wedges—namely the “Leaf”, “Macedonia”, “Facet” and “Classic”—of which, their design files can be downloaded for free by anyone, who can then produce it with a 3D-printer.

Made for Cubify, an online platform that turns your 3D-printing ideas into reality, users will ideally be able to 3D-print this line of wedges in their homes when these high-tech machines become common household appliances.

For now, even if you do not own a personal 3D-printing machine, you can still have your pair of wedges printed by Cubify—download the free design files here.

ImageImageImageWhy I’m Curious

As brands look to produce more innovative forms of content with the goal of remaining more present in the lives of consumers, the expansion of 3D printing could create a new and welcome opportunity to surprise and delight customers. Imagine Procter & Gamble letting customers print plastic bins that are custom-tailored to house their cleaning products. Or Kraft issuing a series of attractive printable dishware to accompany their foods. The branded possibilities could be endless – but the key to it all? Will 3D printing really catch on with a mass audience? Only time will tell.


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