Go on an Italian Vacation with SanPellegrino

With the help of Ogilvy NY and Deeplocal, SanPellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages launched its latest campaign called Three Minutes in Italy. The Facebook app allows users decide between two live experiences and take a tour of Taormina in Sicily through the eyes of a robot.

From PSFK,

The first is through a ground-based robot that the users can control for three minutes. They can drive the robot around and even interface with passers-by through a two-way audio and video connection. The robot has built-in language translation capability to help the ‘virtual tourists’ talk with the village locals. The face of the robot will display the Facebook user’s profile picture. The second live experience is through a Skybot, which can show the Facebook users stunning views of Sicily from high above.



Why I’m Curious

When I initially came across this my eye automatically went to the robot and I couldn’t help but think that a better looking robot could be made. I was also curious if utilizing a Facebook app is the best platform for something like this, until I fully read the description. I think the coolest part of this campaign is that it’s not visual, but also allows for two-way audio using a Facebook profile picture. I’m curious to see how the results, and how many people in Sicily are willing to interact with a robot (and if they speak English!).


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