Geo-Fencing: Coca-Cola Personalizes Billboards

Using geo-fence technology, Coca-Cola Israel notches on another innovative “Share a Coke” campaign extension. Anyone who downloaded the associated app would be able to enter their name. Once the they begin to approach one of the many Coca-Cola billboards, their phone would connect and broadcast their name in a message “Enjoy Coca-Cola with…”

Coca-Cola Personal Road from Gefen Team on Vimeo.

Why I’m Curious
Geo-fence technology is becoming more fascinating as the worlds of social and mobile continue to collide. The possibilities for brands to add value to their relationships with consumers are boundless. Beyond a cool branding experience, how can this kind of technology be leveraged to build equity in other core activities such as customer service, point of sale, and more. 


Share your thoughts.

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